Sajad S.Afshari (PhD)

  • CEO

Sajad Afshari is a Ph.D. in Aerospace engineering who has followed up his Ph.D. as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Manitoba. He has been working on the reliability-based design of engineering systems for almost ten years, and regarding his background in control engineering, he has developed a predictive reliability-based controller for aerial vehicles. He has recently introduced machine learning methods to his previous research to develop robust condition monitoring frameworks. Sajad has also worked for more than five years in some leading Aerospace engineering organizations. Before joining Cabook as a co-founder, Sajad had also founded a thriving IoT company. He believes the union of technology and different sciences like Aerospace, AI, and IoT can significantly contribute to the world. This is why his desire as the CEO at Cabook solutionology, is to provide a complementary solution pack for different applications through the combination of AI and drone-based solutions, with the help of their fantastic team.