Dr. Pooneh Maghoul (PhD, PEng)

  • Advisor

Dr. Maghoul is an an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. She is an expert in the field of multiscale poromechanics for complex materials and processing, energy and environment, and biomechanics. Her research focuses primarily on sustainable development by developing cutting-edge systems and methods related to the performance analysis of subsurface systems subject to complex loading within a multi-hazard context. This includes infrastructure which is resilient to climate change and geohazards on Earth and harsh environments in Space (low gravity conditions). Dr. Maghoul's research programs deal with natural- and human-induced hazards, permafrost engineering, permafrost carbon feedback, self-healing geosystems, geo-structural health monitoring, non-destructive testing, emergency preparedness, energy geostructures, geotechnical earthquake engineering and ground vibration, as well as bio-inspired self-burrowing (soft) robotics, bioinspired subsurface sensing, and In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) on the Moon and beyond. In these projects, Dr. Maghoul employs multi-disciplinary approaches involving satellite remote sensing, artificial intelligence, composite materials, ultrasonic imaging, and robotics, among others.